Minutes of the Parish Council 9 January 2020

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 9 January 2020 

in Bayford Village Hall at 7.30pm

Public Forum:

Andy Chesterman (Bayford Neighbourhood Watch) presented the Council with “The Little Book of Big Scams” (4th Edition)

Present: Cllrs: N Linsley (Chairman) M Grant (Vice Chairman) J Macfarlane, M Summerfield, J McKenna, R Webb-Bowen and J Garrett. D/C Robin Bastable

Public: Andy Chesterman

60. Apologies – Mrs P Gillman

61. Declarations of Interest – None

62. Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings of 14 November 2019 and Planning Meetings of 15 November and 6 December 2019.

A resolution is sought to approve and sign the minutes as a true record.

Proposed: Cllr Macfarlane Seconded: Cllr Garrett

63. Financial Matters

a. Statement of Account and bank reconciliation

b. Bank Balances to 31 December 2019. 

A resolution is sought to accept the financial statement as at 31 December 2019. Stoke Trister & Bayford PC Current A/c £8859.56; Stoke Trister & Bayford PC Reserve A/c £8352.12; Leigh Common Savings A/c £5103.80.

Proposed: Cllr: Summerfield Seconded: Cllr Grant

c. A resolution is sought to sign the following cheques

Cheque No: 000486 Website Hosting 192.40

Cheque No: 000487 Clerk salary, arrears, expenses and council expenses               790.33

Chairman noted the extra amount for the Clerks payroll which was previously agreed.

Proposed: Cllr Garrett Seconded: Cllr Grant

64. Planning Matters

a. New Planning Matters

Planning Application No:   19/03362/COL

Location:  Cynthia Paddocks, Leigh Common, Pen Selwood. BA9 8LD

Proposal:  Application for a Certificate of Lawfulness for the existing use of a dwelling – To be discussed with Planning Officer.

b. Outcome of planning matters already considered:

Planning Application No: 19/02457/HOU

Applicant: Mr & Mrs Andrews

Location: Park Farmhouse, Beech Lane, Stoke Trister. BA9 9PQ

Proposal: The erection of an oak framed detached garage building incorporating home officer and ancillary accommodation.- Application permitted with conditions

Planning Application No: 19/02369/FUL

Applicant: Mr Simon Minney

Location: Riding Gate House, Riding Gate, Wincanton. BA9 8NQ

Proposal: Conversion of an existing outbuilding to an annex/holiday let. – Application withdrawn due to bat survey. Robin Bastable has spoken with Sam Fox who states the caravan is legal.

Planning Application No: 19/01284/REM 

Applicant: Mr. Shaun Paul 

Location: Land adjacent to Highbrook, Devenish Lane. 

Proposal: Application of reserved matters following approval of 18/02145/OUT for the erection of a two storey detached dwelling to include access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale – Application permitted with conditions

Planning Application No:  19/01778/FUL

Applicant: Mrs J Calderwood

Location:  Land rear of 2 Cambria Villas Devenish Lane Bayford Wincanton. BA9 9NG

Proposal:  The erection of a new single storey dwelling and the formation of a new vehicular access off Bayford Hill – re-submission. No further information.

Planning Application No: 19/00373/FUL

Applicant: Mr & Mrs Garrett

Location:  Highcroft, Bayford Lane, Stoke Trister, Wincanton. BA9 9PG

Proposal:  Erection of a new dwelling. – No further information.

Planning Application No: 19/00258/OUT

Applicant: Mr M and Miss F Haskett and Thornton

Location:  Land at Church Farm, Stoke Trister, Wincanton BA9 9PG

Proposal:  Outline application with all matters reserved for the redevelopment of Church Farm buildings and bungalow and erection of 2 dwellings. – Application permitted with conditions.

65. Highways

Cllrs Summerfield and McKenna had a very informative meeting with Gary Warren. Gary Warren recommended the Gateway signs to be set in Bayford as they were extremely effective with drive slowly signs in Riding Gate. Chairman requested that they provided costings for supply and installation. It was agreed that the Clerk write to Tim Cook requesting a donation towards the cost. It was also agreed to put information in the Newsletter including any donation.

66. Footpaths

Cllr Grant is now in contact with the new trails officer Martin Cooper who is stationed at Taunton. He is fully aware of the issues in our area and Cllr Grant will continue to work with him to resolve these.

67. Riding Gate and East View

Clerk to contact Sam Fox to report increased traffic movement at Riding Gate fields and also to inform her that the Winnebago is back.

68. Defibrillator

Cllr McKenna stated that the South West Ambulance Service charge £1,800 for a 4 year loan. Electrodes, training and support for the community is all included. It also includes an external cabinet that needs to be heated. Clerk to contact BT to see if they could provide electricity to the phone box.

69. Annual Parish Meeting

Clerk to put advert in Newsletter for the Annual Parish Meeting

70. Online Banking

Chairman would check online to be able to begin and access Online Banking.

71. Grants

Chairman highlighted a letter from NALC warning us to not pay for church expenses.

72. Date of Next Meeting 

12 March 2020

Meeting closed at 9.09pm