Minutes of the Parish Council 8 November 2018

Stoke Trister with Bayford Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 8 November 2018 

in Bayford Village Hall at 7.30pm

Public Forum:

Alan Marler from Wessex Water explained how the water board will be working in Beech Lane in November making some trial holes in the verges to find how they will be able to cross connect the lines which will eventually go under the A303. The initial work should only take approximately a week. They will then be returning on 25 February 2019 whereby Beech Lane will be closed for approximately a month. 

After speaking with several architects Mark Warren explained what he thought would be the best way forward for the Unicorn Inn in its present position. One thought would be to close the pub and develop the site for residential housing. As local opinion was not to lose a village pub the other thought was to make the pub smaller and to use the remaining part as rental dwellings. Leaving the annexe as a rental property also. Mr Cummins and Miss Howard who presently run the pub stated that they will be leaving the pub and handing over the lease to Mark Warren who stated that the pub would be run by someone in his own company.

Present: Cllrs: E Parsons (Chairman) N Linsley and J Macfarlane. C/Councillor Anna Groskop.

Clerk in attendance: Mrs P Gillman

Public: Ben Giles, Alan Marler. Alice Power, Mark Warren, Richard Cummins, Marcus Giles, and Jane Howard.

42. Apologies – Cllrs: T MacCaw, M Grant and A Smith.

43. Declarations of Interest – None

44. Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of 13 September Planning Meetings of 21 and 28 September 2018

A resolution is sought to approve and sign the minutes as a true record

Proposed: Cllr. Linsley Seconded: Cllr. Parsons

45. Financial Matters

a. Statement of Account and bank reconciliation

b. Bank Balances 31 October 2018. A resolution is sought to accept the financial statement as at 31 October 2018. Stoke Trister & Bayford PC Current A/c £7652.75; Stoke Trister & Bayford PC Reserve A/c £7987.06; Leigh Common Savings A/c £5100.60.

c. A resolution is sought to sign the following cheques

Cheque No: 000456 Clerks’ salary & expenses & Council expenses      553.23

Proposed: Cllr Macfarlane Seconded: Cllr Parsons

46. Planning Matters

a. New Planning Matters

 b. Outcome of planning matters already considered: 

Planning Application No: 18/01916/FUL

Applicant: Hopkins Developments Ltd

Location: Land adjoining Corner Farm, Devenish Lane, Bayford, Wincanton.

Proposal: The erection of timber gates (retrospectively). – Permission granted.

Planning Application No: 18/02392/COL

Applicant: Mr Roger Perry

Location: Farmageddon, Bayford Lane, Stoke Trister, Wincanton.

Proposal: Application for a certificate of lawfulness for the existing use of the building for storage and distribution (Class B8) (Revised Application) – No further information.

Planning Application No: 18/01991/FUL

Applicant: Mr Chris Bellars

Location: Land at Sycamore Farm, Stoke Trister, Wincanton.

Proposal: The conversion of existing domestic storage building into a single dwelling and the erection of a car port. – We recommend refusal of this application since the applicant has not demonstrated that the proposal would meet the requirement of SS2 in the local plan. However, we understand that the barn conversion proposed would be for family use only and we would be sympathetic to this if a new application was made for conversion ancillary to the existing dwelling on the property. – No further information.

47. Highways

No further information.

SID. No further information. 

48. Footpaths

No further information

49. Riding Gate

Cllr Macfarlane had received a response from Simon Fox who stated he was sending out Sam Fox to see what the situation was now at Riding Gate. Clerk to follow up the following week to find the outcome.

50. Defibrillator

No further information.

51. Unicorn Inn

See Public Forum

52. Remembrance Sunday

Cllr Parsons will lay a wreath for Remembrance Day at 11.00am on 11 November 2018 at St Andrews Church.

53. Precept

The Precept is now £7580 and was unanimously agreed by all Councillors

Proposed: Cllr Linsley Seconded: Cllr Macfarlane

54. Notice Boards

To be discussed at January meeting.

55. Date of Next Meeting 

10 January 2019

Meeting closed at 8.46pm