Minutes of the Parish Council 12 March 2020

Stoke Trister with Bayford Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 12 March 2020 

in Bayford Village Hall at 7.30pm

Public Forum: A large proportion of the residents attended the meeting and the Chairman welcomed them all. Ben Giles did a short speech on the Unicorn Inn and made a request to the Parish Council put the Unicorn Inn on the Assets of the Community Value Register. The Chairman explained the process of registering the Inn as an asset of the community. The community has a timescale of 6 months to come up with a business plan and how to move forward.

A unanimous decision was taken to put the Unicorn Inn on the Assets of the Community Value Register.

Chairman spoke to the parishioners about the Annual Parish Meeting due to be held in May alongside the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council. It gave the parishioners a chance to speak of what things they would like to enhance their village.

Present: Cllrs: N Linsley (Chairman) M Grant (Vice Chairman) J Macfarlane, M Summerfield, J McKenna, and J Garrett. C/C Anna Groskop.

73. Apologies – Cllrs: R Webb-Bowen and D/C R Bastable

74. Declarations of Interest – Cllr J Garret on the planning section.

75. Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings of 9 January 2020 and Planning Meetings of 10 January and 6 February 2020.

A resolution is sought to approve and sign the minutes as a true record.

Proposed: Cllr Grant Seconded: Cllr Garrett

76. Financial Matters

a. Statement of Account and bank reconciliation

b. Bank Balances to 29 February 2020. 

A resolution is sought to accept the financial statement as at 29 February 2020. Stoke Trister & Bayford PC Current A/c £8069.23; Stoke Trister & Bayford PC Reserve A/c £8353.17; Leigh Common Savings A/c £5104.45.

Cllr J McKenna Seconded Cllr J Garrett

c. A resolution is sought to sign the following cheques

Cheque No: 000488 CANCELLED

Cheque No: 000489 Clerk salary, arrears, expenses and council expenses             653.15

Cheque No: 000490 SALC (training)   90.00

Cheque No: 000491 PCC Newsletter Donation   50.00

Cheque No: 000492 PCC Churchyard Donation             500.00

Chaequ No: 000493       Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance Donation             175.00

Cheque No: 000494 C.A.B. Donation   25.00

Proposed: Cllr J McKenna Seconded Cllr J Garrett

77. Planning Matters

a. New Planning Matters

Planning Application No: 19/02905FUL

Applicant: Mr R Cummins

Location:  Unicorn Inn, Bayford, Wincanton. BA9 9NL

Proposal:  Change of use of former public house and curtilage to residential (Use Class C3) & extensions to form 3 No. dwellings with associated parking- Refusal after representation from the public. We note Cllr Webb-Bowen’s statement.

b. Outcome of planning matters already considered:

Planning Application No:   19/03362/COL

Location:  Cynthia Paddocks, Leigh Common, Pen Selwood. BA9 8LD

Proposal:  Application for a Certificate of Lawfulness for the existing use of a dwelling – To be discussed with Planning Officer.

78. Highways

After a rather heated discussion on the gateway signs the Clerk was asked to check the minutes to see if a resolution had been passed for theses gates. Tim Cook had only just replied to the Clerk stating that some donation should be possible towards them. Clerk has papers to apply for donation. Chairman was going to speak with Pam Williams again regarding a discussion with Highways England.

79. Footpaths

Eve Wynn is confirmed as being the Footpaths Officer. Cllr Grant will be meeting with the Cucklington Chairman and Eve Wynn.

80. Riding Gate and East View

Clerk has written to Sam Fox several times but can still get no answer.

81. Defibrillator

Cllr McKenna had spoken to a company called Heart Safe who charged £2099.00 plus VAT. The batteries last for about 4 years and replacements are £99.00. Cllr McKenna was asked to invite the representative to our next meeting in May to talk to the Councillors.

82. Tender for grasskeep

This years’ tender went to Stuart Barfoot

83. Online Banking

Clerk waiting for all signed papers to send back to Lloyds Bank.

84. Computer 

Clerk to check on statement and security of free download for Windows 10.

85. Re-adoption Rules

Clerk to send all re-adoption papers to Councillors so that a signature or amendment can be made at the May meeting

86 Donatiions

It was unanimously agreed to pay all donations.

87. Website Check

Our organization is not big enough to warrant this.

Date of Next Meeting 

14 May 2020

Meeting closed at 9.17pm