Minutes of the Annual Meetting of the Parish Council 9 May 2019

Stoke Trister with Bayford Parish Council

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish 

Council held on 9 May 2019 in 

Bayford Village Hall at 7.30pm

Public Forum:

There was no Public Forum

Present: Cllrs: E Parsons (Chairman) T MacCaw,  N Linsley, J Macfarlane, M Grant. D/Councillor Robin Bastable

Public:  Peter Munro and Jane McKenna

Clerk in attendance: Mrs P Gillman

1. Apologies – None

2. Declarations of Interest – None

3. Confirmation of Quorum

There was a quorum present.

4. Election of Officers

Chairman N Linsley

Vice Chairman None as yet

Highways M Summerfield

Footpaths M Grant

Tree Officer J Macfarlane

Website B Giles

As there were no other attendees that wished to be elected to the post of Chairman Cllr Linsley stepped up and offered to do the post for 1 year on the interim.

Proposed M Summerfield Seconded M Grant


5. Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 21 March 2019 

It was resolved to approve and sign the minutes as a true record

Proposed: M Grant Seconded: M Summerfield

6. Financial Matters

a. Statement of Account and bank reconciliation

b. Bank Balances 31 March 2019. 

A resolution is sought to accept the financial statement as at 31 March 2019. Stoke Trister & Bayford PC Current A/c £5229.68; Stoke Trister & Bayford PC Reserve A/c £7989.07; Leigh Common Savings A/c £5101.89.

c. A resolution is sought to sign the following cheques

Cheque No: 000465 Payman 72.00 ®

Cheque No: 000466 Pinnacle Accountancy 108.00®

Cheque No: 000467 Came & Company 294.17

Cheque No: 000468 Clerks salary & expenses

and council expenses 580.72

Cheque No: 000469 SALC   20.00

Cheque No: 000470 Dorset & Somerset Air

Ambulance Donation. 175.00

Cheque No: 000471 C.A.B.   25.00

Cheque No: 000472 PCC Churchyard Donation 500.00

Cheque No: 000473 PCC Newsletter Donation   50.00

Cheque No: 000474 SALC   90.90

Proposed: Cllr Grant Seconded: Cllr Summerfield

7. Planning Matters

There were no new planning matters

8. Highways

Clerk to contact Highways to reinstate the sign post to Stoke Trister at the end of Beech Lane. There still appears to be potholes in Beech Lane.

9. Footpaths

Cllr Grant reported a padlocked stile in Stoke Lane near the A303. It was said to be padlocked to protect Mr Perry’s horses. Councillors suggested opening up another gate for access. Cllr Grant reported other stiles that needed repair.

10. Riding Gate and East View

Clerk was instructed to keep the pressure up on both of these problems.

11. Defibrillator

To be discussed at the July meeting

12. Donations

All donations were met with a unanimous approval

13. Audit

It was unanimously agreed to sign the Audit

14. Guide to the Community Infrastructure

To be discussed further

15. Councillors Vacancy

Jane McKenna applied for the position of Councillor and was accepted.

Proposed: Cllr Macfarlane Seconded: Cllr Grant

Cllr Macfarlane had spoken to Nick Garrett and Robert Webb-Bowen asking if they wished to join the Parish Council. She will see them again to find their decision.

16. Date of Next Meeting 

11 July 2019

Meeting closed at 8.50pm

……………………………………………..                 …………………………………..