Hopkins Corner Farm Gates

Stoke Trister with Bayford Parish Council

Minutes of a Site Planning Meeting of 

Stoke Trister with Bayford Parish Council held 31 August 2108 at 10.15 am

Present: Cllrs: E Parsons (Chairman) T MacCaw (Vice Chairman) N Linsley and J Macfarlane

Public:  Mr Mrs Keattch, Mr Durant and Mrs Walters

1. Apologies – Cllrs: I Andrews, M Grant and A Smith

2. Declarations of Interest – None

3. Planning 

Planning Application No:  18/01916/FUL

Applicant: Hopkins Developments Ltd

Location: Land adjoining Corner Farm, Devenish Lane, Bayford, Wincanton.

Proposal: The erection of timber gates (retrospective)

After lengthy discussions between Councillors and parishioners strongly objecting to the developer Applicant’s erection of inappropriate “urban” type and height of fencing of the public footpath, and more recently timber gates across the line of the public footpath, coupled with the current lack of adequate footpath signage to encourage its use, it was decided that the Parish Council should register its agreement with those objections as follows:

1) The Parish Council notes that the Decision Notice dated 25 August 2017 pertaining to Application ref:- 17/02351/S73A is conditioned as follows

 â€œNo building, structure or boundary enclosure shall be erected or the location otherwise obstructed within the annotated hatched area (see the website) applied to approved drawing 

13091/002 received 4 August 2017.

Reason:-  in the interests of visual appearance and to maintain the character of the former cart track further to policy EQ2 of the South Somerset local plan 2002-2028”.

Both the high “urban” style close boarded fencing at the end of the Applicant’s property and the new gateway which have been erected by the Applicant across the line of the public footpath are in breach of that condition.

2) Additionally, the Parish Council will request Highways Group, SSDC, for the benefit of the public,

a) to erect a clear “Public Footpath” sign, not just the small yellow arrow nailed to the current gatepost.

b) to require the Applicant to delineate on the ground the extent (width) of the public footpath.

c) to require the Applicant to revert to a post and rails fence instead of close boarded fencing on the Bayford side of the public footpath, as discussed by the Parish Council last year with the then Case Officer handling the Application, Mr Lee Walton.

d) to confirm that the Applicant has applied (retrospectively) for consent to divert the public footpath to the line it now follows on the ground.

Therefore Stoke Trister with Bayford Parish Council strongly object to this application.